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Photovoltaic systems provide one of the simplest, most reliable and cost effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions and future-proof businesses against rising energy costs. Solar is a proven and predictable technology and provides a visual statement of corporate responsibility, attracting tenants, encouraging wider energy savings and improving employee retention. What’s more, with current Government-backed incentives, businesses can benefit of a guaranteed income for a 25 year period under the Feed-in Tariff (FIT).

Who We Work With

IMS have a long-standing relationship with the construction industry - the core electrical contracting division was established back in 1987. We can provide a comprehensive service to install photovoltaic system for businesses, both existing and new building projects for:

- Developers

- Architects

- Consultants

- Contractors

- End Clients (Private & Public organizations)

We work on individual projects scaling up to £2 million for larger projects, with the ability to offer a full turnkey solution, from design and build through to completion … and all fully project managed.

For information on Carbon Trust interest free loans, financing or fully financed (investor backed) installations, contact us for details.

commercial solar pv

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