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What is the Feed-In Tariff?

The Government’s new generation Feed-in Tariff (FIT), part of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, was set-up as encouragement for people to switch to renewable technologies, helping the UK to lessen its carbon footprint and meet the 2020 emissions target.

The scheme will pay you for every unit of electricity you generate from Solar PV, whether it’s used in your property or if it’s exported back to the National Grid.


When the capital cost of the system is paid for, everything you generate and receive as payback is income! The payments are also tax free, and index linked.

Guaranteed for 20 years, this scheme results in a shorter payback for Solar PV systems, making them an extremely attractive green option for any home or business.

So, as well as getting paid the appropriate amounts above for everything the system generates, you will make a saving on your electricity bills for the power you can use and anything you don’t use you can sell back to the electricity company 4.77p per kW!

PV systems registering with the scheme from 1st January 2015 will benefit as follows:


Size of system

How much will you be paid?


Up to 4kW (Retro fitted & New Build)

13.88p per kW


4-10kW new build or retrofitted

12.57p per kW


10-50kW new build or retrofitted

11.71p per kW


Export Rate

4.77p per kW


Note: These rates are based on an EPC score of D or above and for single installations. Lower rates for apply for installations not meeting energy efficiency & also multi installations

Example Payback

If you normally pay 13p per kWh for your electricity, you would effectively get both the PV generated power consumed for free and the FIT. So, on a retrofit system of up to 4kW, this would equate to:

13p (saved electricity) + 13.88p (FIT) = 26.88p per kWh for what you use!

And then...

4.77p (sold electricity) + 26.88p (FIT) = 31.65 per kWh for what you don’t use and sell on!

*Only PV systems installed using MCS approved equipment and that have been fitted by an MCS accredited installer will be eligible for FIT payments.

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