Is my property in a suitable part of the UK for Solar PV?

Solar PV is appropriate for properties in most urban and rural locations in the UK. The amount of energy received from the sun does vary across the UK – but not by a large amount. The most important thing to watch out for when considering installing a PV system is shading; beware of any trees, buildings and other obstructions that would impact on their performance.

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Is my property facing the right direction (orientation) for Solar Panels?

As we are in the northern hemisphere, a south-facing roof will receive the most sunlight. The perfect home for solar would have a roof orientated south, with a 30 degree slope and no shading. 

However, the systems still work perfectly very well and create impressive returns with different orientations and roof angles. Although the system will work at any orientation including north, we generally suggest anything from east to west is definitely worth consideration. Contact us to discuss the suitability of your home and we will produce some illustrations on how it would likely perform for you.

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How many panels can I install on my roof?

It’s best to discuss the potential configurations with a member of our team. We’ll assist with you the best design that’s most appropriate for your roof, as it depends on a number of factors.

Solar PV panels are available in a number of sizes and banks of panels can even be split, so do not necessarily have to be together in one block.

We need to place panels above, below or around any obstacles you have, for example Velux windows. We also need to maintain a gap around the array, in particular the bottom, so water still runs into your drains and not over the top of them.

Also panels cannot stick out from the boundaries of your roof as, not only will it look very odd, they will be exposed to the wind.

Talk to us and we’ll design a system that’s perfect for you.

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In-roof installation or On-roof installation

Solar panels can be installed generally one of two ways on a pitched, tiled roof.


On-roof system

The most common and cheaper method, fixing framework on top of the roof that the panel then attaches to.


In-roof system

Utilising a specially designed kit where the tiles are removed under the PV panels, they are then fixed on top of the in-roof kit, and then the roof is tiled around the solar panels giving it a flush appearance.


If you are interested in the In-roof system, contact us to discuss in more detail what you would like to achieve. We have completed a number of installations using Intersole SE In-roof kits by Renusol. A member of our team will assist you further and send you more information on the kits.

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Do the panels require regular maintenance or cleaning?

The panels require very little maintenance or cleaning.

Providing the panels are not subjected to excessive dust or debris from trees etc, they are pretty much self-cleaning and designed to be maintenance free. They also carry guarantees of between 20 and 25 years (varies between panel manufacturers).

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What happens if I sell my house?

Feedback from estate agents suggests there is now more demand for homes with PV systems installed. So having a PV system will make your house stand out more from other similar properties, and maybe even help you gain a sale.

There is always the chance that someone interested in buying your home will not like the look of them – if this is the case, removal of the system is very simple. We could even help you take them with you to your next property!

The Energy Savings Trust has written a report about how renewable energy affects house prices; download the PDF.

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Should I tell my mortgage/insurance provider?

Yes. As with any home improvement, it is always best that you contact your insurers and mortgage provider. In most cases there will be no issue and usually no increase in insurance premium costs, providing the overall value of cover you have is enough to include the PV system.

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Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is not usually required for PV systems, unless your property is listed.

You should first check with your local authority to be safe in the knowledge you can install a system on your home.

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Can I keep/change Electricity providers?

Yes. You're not tied to any electricity provider.

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Do you have to own the house?

You probably would not want to pay for a new system if you don't own your home.

If you are living in rented accommodation and wanted a system, you would need the permission and co-operation of the landlord or freeholder who owns the roof.

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A solar panel firm wants to lend me the money to put in the system - good idea?

Some firms let you buy solar panels on credit. The interest on the loan could dwarf the savings, so if you look into this we suggest you check the small print carefully.

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Which products does IMS use?

IMS use the same leading brands of panel, inverter and monitoring systems for domestic and commercial projects, ensuring quality and bringing you peace of mind. We use a range from the suppliers below, so you can be assured we are only using the best products available on the market. We will ONLY use good quality mono or hybrid panels. We do not suggest using cheap inferior panels due to the lifespan expected of them. The choice of panels will be discussed with you during the design process.

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How much money will I save?

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